Sommaridyll Värmland

Project name: Sommaridyll Värmland

Use: Private summer house

Size: 130 + 24 m²

Cooperation: –

Description: Facing west on a lakeside property in Årjäng, Töcksförs, this summerhouse sits high on the slope, with the gables facing the lake. With the natural wood panelling and sedum roof covering, the buildings blend perfectly with the beautiful surroundings. 

The impressive panoramic view has been the starting point for the architectural design, and for the placement of the buildings on the western edge of the slope. The glazed gable façades overlook the lake through the scattered trees, while the side façade offers a wind-protected haven in the evening sun. The summerhouses are raised among the existing trees on the natural site, and since the wooden construction is placed on concrete piers, the cabins appear to be floating on top of the surrounding landscape.

Status: Finished 2015