Project name: Torbjörnstorg

Use: 140 apartments, large grocery store, activity centre and service

Size: 14 700 m²

Cooperation: Karavan Landskap

Description: Today there is an industry-like warehouse building, housing a big grocery shop facing a big empty square, neighbour to the very popular area of Tunabackar in central Uppsala. We aim to make new grocery shop, in modern facilities. On top of that, we’re placing 4-5 stories of housing gathered around a green court yard. The material is brick, white plaster and wood panel, to stick to the vocabulary of the area, but in fresh Scandinavian light colours. The regular building system of the housing, is enriched with a variated façade, by a mix of bay windows and balconies. The ground floor with shops and services are glassed mixed with solid bricks.

The big square in front, will also be refurnished. Many parked cars today, will be replaced with spaces for people to meet, have a coffee, take the bus or just hang out or pass by. The very busy walking- and bicycle lanes will be upgraded and made more inspiring to use, by trees and other green additions and a more secure traffic planning, for the whole outdoor space.

Status: Ongoing plan process