Grindstugan, Rosendal

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Project name: Grindstugan, Rosendal

Use: 92 apartments, baker, restaurant

Size: 14 000 m²

Cooperation: Concept sketch together with CCO architects

Design works together with Werket architects

Description: Grindstugan is situated by the entrance to Uppsalas new extension to the south, Rosendal. The building is shaped like a U, both in plan and in section. The middle part is made lower, so the residents can gather at a big green roof terrace. Except for the roof terrace, the different sized apartments also have a sauna, winter gardens, wine cellar, green court yard, a restaurant and a bakery. Gererous windows and balconies covered by warm wood panels helps to give the, part from that, quite white and clean house, a varied and welcoming façade, both out to the street and into the more private court yard.

Status: Finishing in the start of 2019