Entré Rosendal

Project name: Entré Rosendal

Use: 250 apartments and service

Size: 13 700 m²

Cooperation: –

Description: On the border between the wild pine forest and our well-known area Rosendal, Uppsala, we have suggested this addition of housing. On this location, it was a natural choice for us to make a project totally in local pine wood. Both the construction and the cladding are fully made from wood. One L-shaped and one straight building are forming a green court yard, that is letting the beautiful forest north of the plot, reach in, close to the living spaces. The two houses with cladding of fire proof pine wood, only differ in colours.

The top of the wooden volumes, are cut to follow the heights of the nearby newly built housing. Most of the staircases ends at the top with a green roof terrace, cut into the wooden volumes, for the habitants for socializing. The program was mostly small efficient apartments, and they all have either a bay window or a balcony, which makes the repetitive but varied system of the facade. The basement for parking of bikes and cars, leaves the ground and fauna of the courtyard untouched, to provide good conditions for the trees and plants to stay close to the users.

Status: Ongoing plan process