Kåbo Trädgård (Blomman 2)

View of Johannesburg

Project name: Kåbo Trädgård (Blomman 2)

Use: 4 apartments in 2 villas

Size: 2 x 420 m²

Cooperation: –

Description: Close to the Botanic Gardens of Uppsala, these two villas are placed as wings to the old main building from 1886. The houses are both divided in two, so four families can live here in each their half of a villa. Each family has two big balconies of their own and a surrounding terrace divided in more or less private parts and overlooking the beautiful green park of the garden. Like all the huge old oak trees in the garden, the villas are all covered in oak wood that will become more and more silver grey in time. In the pointing oak roof, the big master bedroom has its own big private balcony, cut into the volume. All the big windows and doors are also made out of massive oak, but oiled, so they will keep the warm colour, to frame in the indoor life of the houses residents.   

Status: Finished start of 2017